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3M 467MP and 300LSE Sheet Sample Pack

3M 467MP and 300LSE Sheet Sample Pack

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This 3M sheet sample pack includes:
4x Sheets of 3M 467MP size 12" x 9"
4x Sheets of 3M 300LSE size 12" x 9"

Try this this 2 popular 3M double sided adhesives and determine which works better for your application. Convenient sheet size 12" x 9"
Once you determine your best option, we have larger sheet sizes and rolls available.

This double sided tape is great for laminating applications, bonding metal, plastics and finished wood. It will also work on unfinished wood if properly sanded and cleaned. Provides very high resistance to solvents and humidity.

This double sided tape is laser safe. Apply to your wood or acrylic sheets and cut with your laser. Make easy work of your multi-layer designs.